Friday, January 31, 2014

About the Coach Auto Sales Customer Experience

Coach Auto Sales provides exceptional customer service and a unique sales experience when you are shopping for used cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s in Edmonton, Alberta. Coach delivers quality vehicles, easy financing and expert advice under one roof, with

- Certified used vehicles.
- Specialised bad credit or no credit financing.
- Our exclusive 30-Day Tryout.
- A commitment to quality.
Every Coach used vehicle undergoes a thorough 120-point inspection and comes with our Mechanical Fitness Report, because everyone deserves a good vehicle at a fair price. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious SUV, a reliable work truck, or a quality used car, Coach Auto Sales and our team of professionals is committed to your satisfaction.

Vehicle financing can be confusing, and if you deal with credit challenges, it can be just plain intimidating. At Coach, you will get the vehicle and the terms that are exactly right for you, all in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get Credit Advice From Our Credit Coaches

Are you someone with no credit, bad credit, or don't even know your credit situation at all? If you are looking to purchase a good quality used vehicle, it can be difficult to get started.

At Coach Auto Sales, our Credit Coaches and Manager are great and friendly people to touch base with. We can help you locate your dream used truck, car, van, or SUV. With access to a wide range of inventory, if we don't have it in stock, we will get it for you.

We are empowered to help our customers via access to great lines of credit with our bank partners. We understand the struggle some people have with obtaining an auto loan or rebuilding credit. There is no need to be frustrated by reviewing your situation. The answer to everything is to look at the challenge and asking for guidance if you are stuck.

At Coach Auto Sales, we can help you get out of that rut and onto the road. It never hurts to inquire and our credit application form is available to you 24/7 anytime.

Coach Auto Sales has access to a wide variety of popular brands including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Jeep, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Pontiac, Ram, Toyota, and much more. We have 4x4 trucks, both in sporty and pickup styles.

If you are a University student looking for a great used car, we have them too. Drop by at Coach Auto Sales and pick out one that you like. We have low prices and our vehicles are maintained at standards well above the industry standard.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Time Used Vehicle Shopping

Shopping for a used vehicle can be a bit strange for a first time buyer.  It is easy to think that a new vehicle is your first choice, but as soon as you drive a new vehicle off the lot, you greatly depreciate the value of your investment.

When vehicle shopping, are you looking to have your next car or truck as an investment or will you use it as a tool to get around?

Consider your budget.  How much are you willing to spend?  Are you going to get what you want out of the money you put in?

Especially when deeply investigating a used vehicle, get a CarProof.  It is always good to know the history of the vehicle you are looking at.

Coach Auto Sales Canadian Black BookMaybe you are trading in something you have had for a while.  How do you know the real value of an automobile that always depreciates in value?  At Coach Auto Sales, we offer a free tool called "Canadian Black Book."  Visit our website at: to use this tool.

We offer this as a courtesy for our customers and we want you to be comfortable and confident when you are shopping at Coach Auto Sales.

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Bad Credit Situation

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you may ask yourself, "How can I afford a used vehicle?"  Your credit may be bad, you may not even have credit, and you are finding yourself in a bind.

Everyone needs a high quality used vehicle and you need help.  Where do you turn to?  Coach Auto Sales has been helping customers just like you since 2011 getting customers their next used vehicle.

Our friendly and knowledgeable Credit Coaches and Manager can help you find your next used car, truck, van, or SUV.

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