Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scheduling a Test Drive at Coach Auto Sales

You found that used vehicle you have been looking for at Coach Auto Sales.  Now it is time to take it for a test drive.  This is your chance to gauge how well the vehicle will suit your needs and a chance to catch anything that might affect your decision prior to making that purchase.  Before you jump into that vehicle, here are a few tips to help you out.

It is a great idea to bring along a friend or family member along.  Getting a second opinion can make the process go along more smoothly.  If your spouse will also be driving the vehicle you purchase, it would be a good idea to get them into the driver’s seat as well.

Practicality is also important in your decision in regards to which vehicle you should buy.  Is comfort more important to you than gas mileage?  Is reliable handling in rough weather conditions important to you? Maybe a 4x4 truck would suit your needs better than a front wheel drive car?  Plan ahead what features you value most and review your needs when conducting the test drive.

Plan out a route ahead of time before taking a test drive.  Do you drive on highways, city streets, and gravel roads?  Edmonton has a variety of driving conditions to put our vehicles to the test.  As you navigate through your routes, you will need to decide how you like the vehicle handles the road.
Every person is different.  Some of us are taller, some of us are shorter, some of us are slender, and some of us are simply bigger people.  You need to decide if the steering wheel is comfortable for you.  Do you need to make constant adjustments when you are seated or does it feel just right?  Make a variety of left and right turns to get a feel of the vehicle.

We have an all-star selection of vehicles fully reconditioned to the highest standards and complete with our 120 point Certificate of Mechanical Fitness. At Coach Auto Sales, you get peace of mind with your used car, truck, van or SUV.  Test out the brakes, check the tires, our mechanics ensure we surpass the standard of quality.

Drop by at Coach Auto Sales today.  Give us a call at 587-409-4535 or toll free at 1-888-263-9716.

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